"Gale is a gift. Her talent and ability to connect to the universe, oneness, God, or whatever you would like to call it is truly amazing. Gale immediately puts you at ease and listens to what your body/soul needs.  She is compassionate, caring, connected, and full of love and light. I spent many sessions with Gale after a tumultuous relationship that I was working so hard to heal from. One particular session I remember going into feeling alone, incredibly sad, almost unable to speak.  After about an hour session of body work followed by singing bowls, I felt light, alive, and connected.  I remember singing the entire way home and feeling so grateful for the experience.  I continued to work with Gale for a few years, working through some extremely painful emotions that I was holding onto. My healing and growth from my time with her is indescribable.  Simply put, I found a place of healing for so many emotions I had and was able to start to let go. 

I cannot recommend her enough for individuals looking for a little more peace, connection to one's self and the divine.  I am grateful for her abilities, kindness, and compassion and am so excited for her and all that the future holds for her.  She will continue to do great things and help so many people.  Thank you Gale!!"

- Brenda

"I went as a doubting Thomas, only to discover Gale & Sue are very knowledgeable, just being in their presence is calming. Truly, I was relieved of extreme tightness in my shoulders, physically rejuvenated. I left with an influx of positive energy & flooded w/euphoria...What a feelin'! You really need to have a session. You will not regret it."


- Rita N.

"I first saw Gale for a session in 2011. Gale has an unique gift of empathy and nonjudgmental acceptance. I have since returned repeatedly to experience the ethereal connection between body and spirit with soothing vibrations that cascade little electrical currents over my skin, tingle my soul, and prod at veiled emotions. This is treatment for all walks of life regardless of religion, economics, or one's past and or current path."


- Angela

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