Gale Simon


Owner and Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist

Sue Konzel


Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist

Acoustic Therapy Partners ("ATP") is a woman-owned, family business with deep roots in the community. One of our signature initiatives is to offer deeply discounted services to needy populations through referral partnerships with local non-profits.


Raised on a farm in Harborcreek by our naturalist mother and craftsman father, we learned how to treat our own colds, aches, and pains with herbs from our field or forests before we ever heard of Tylenol. After lifetimes of growing natural remedies in our gardens and seeking out new methodologies to calm grumpy husbands and rambunctious kids, we discovered the gentle power of acoustic therapies and never looked back. ATP is our Second Act and updates all the wisdom of a refined ancient technique with a scientifically rigorous 21st century therapeutic approach.


Our goal is to offer each client a personalized, non-invasive treatment with sensitivity and compassion.